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Siam Legal International Fraud

Siam Legal International(Scam) is one of Thailand´s premier full-service law firms with its headquarters in Bangkok. It has offices strategically located throughout.

Scam, they will be providing false documents for your visa. For a ‘B’ you need the details of your company or employer as per the law (this is over looked at some embassies throughout the world). For an ‘O’ or any other type, you will also need your own back up documents. This company will be supplying for a ‘B’, at the very least, a document which says you will be working for someone in Thailand, which you won’t be.

“Scam, they will be providing false documents for your visa. ”

Yep that’s what it boils down to. If you have the right documents it will be much cheaper to do it yourself.

Siam Legal Reviews

Fraud Services:-

Thai Will
Thailand Notary
Private Investigation
Property Purchase
Power of Attorney
Marriage & Divorce
Marriage Registration
Prenuptial Agreement
Marital Property
Thailand Divorce
Child Custody
Child Support
US Visa
UK Visa
Thailand Visa
Australia Visa
Canada Visa
Schengen Visa

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