Profit By Search Ripoff Report, SEO India Scams, SEO Expert India Reviews, complaints, lawsuits and SEO India Company Frauds

SEO India Comapny Ripoff Report, Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds

Profit By Search frauds

SEO India Comapny frauds

Profit By Search Ripoff Report, Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds

ONS Interactive Solution – Ripoff Report, Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds Ripoff Report, Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds

Profit By Search reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds

Complaint Review: Profit By Search

Submitted: Tue, August 30, 2011 Updated: Thu, September 15, 2011

Reported By: Robert — DALLAS Texas United States of America

Profit By Search
ONS Interactive Solution
SEO India Comapny
D – 37 Sector 6
United States of America
Phone: +91 120 4271001
Web: www. profitbysearch. com
Category: SEO – Reputation Management

Profit By Search profitbysearch . com, ONS interactive, ONS Interactive Solution After Cancellation Notice, Offshore SEO Company Threatens Negative Reputation Management Campaign Noida, UP, Internet

*Author of original report: Amicable Resolution

*Author of original report: ONS Interactive Threatens Client with online Smear Campaign over billing dispute.

*UPDATE Employee: Robert Olivier of Compost Mania’s Complaint is artificially created & false

My company received a smear campaign threat from Profit by Search (the outsourced Indian SEO firm) after we decided to cancel our contract with them. They were not performing as they indicated they would. The only thing they did was provide us with 10 forum/blog spam links a day and charged us for 176 hours of work per month. our server audit trail even indicated they had logged into our server only 5 times that month. Yet they billed us for 176 hours. Really?

Profit By Search Complaints

As these spam techniques actually decreased our rank in google (we lost our google page rank 5 to 3), we decided not to engage them any longer. the moment we decided to cancel. One of their executives Abhinav Girdhar threatened to run a smear campaign against my small business. Who does that? Threaten a smear campaign against a client, because he refuses to accept poor performance and spam as the work he expected. especially when I lost my page rank 5 because of the SEO techniques they utilized. [continued below]….

….. After this smear campaign treat, I realized I shouldn’t work with a company like this any longer.

I have emails and chat logs to prove that they have decided to run a smear campaign against me and my company. They say they will write me up on rip-off report. However, isn’t this a consumer complaint site, not some service provider complaint site.

Profit By Search frauds

Today I received an email from them saying that they will smear me, if I don’t pay the last 2 months of the contract. The IP address from the email was based out of india, but they made up a fictions russian name to hide their identity.

I’m sure they will do what they claim they will and I’ll get smeared in a few days from now.
According the the threatening email I got from the today: these are the keywords they will smear me on:
Keywords that I will be working on the business name smear campaign:
1. Robert Olivier Fraud
2. Robert Olivier Complaints
3. Robert Olivier Criminal
4. Robert Olivier Evil
8. COMPOST MANIA complaints

After this and a personal smear campaign name, this is WHERE IT gets Ugly … Please Resolve as Once Above is done I can’t even clear this and I Have Been Doing this for living for 5 + yrs. Kivoski Viktor

Profit By Search lawsuits

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#1 Author of original report
Amicable Resolution
AUTHOR: Robert Olivier – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Thursday, September 15, 2011

After a 2-3 meeting of actually figuring out what has happened, the CEO of profit by search and me have come to an agreement that is fair and would resolve this situation.

To my understanding the Skype account I had contacted was an old account set up by Abhinav, but the login was shared amongst all employees. So it’s important to note that Abhinav personally may not have been responsible for this situation and Profit by Search and I have also reached an amicable resolution that should be concluded in the next few days.

As the original author of this post, I feel this report can be retracted.

#2 Author of original report
ONS Interactive Threatens Client with online Smear Campaign over billing dispute.
AUTHOR: Robert Olivier – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Friday, September 09, 2011

I agree that there is a billing dispute between my company and ONS Interactive Pvt LTD (name of company on invoice) that we have not been able to settle fairly. Billing dispute or no billing dispute, it does not negate the fact that ONS Interactive threatened me on multiple occasions with an online smear campaign. I was willing to come to a compromise with them and even continue using them if we only could have reached an amicable resolution to our dispute.

Profit By Search Reviews

However on August 26, 2011 their representative Abhinav Girdhar threatened me (over Skype chat) with the following SMEAR CAMPAIGN against ME as a result of this dispute. Obviously, threathening a client with a smear campaign is no way to resolve your difference. I can’t believe they would treat me like this. Obviously will never engage them again and i advise future or current customers to be careful in dealing with them.

Chat log where Abhinaz Girdhar from ONS INTERACTIVE aka PROFIT BY SEARCH threatens me (Robert Olivier) with a Negative Smear Campaign unless I pay him the full amount of the invoices that I’m disputing.

[8/26/11 1:46:31 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: you dont even know claims
[8/26/11 1:46:39 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: they will launch a smear campaign
[8/26/11 1:46:44 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: against you and your company
[8/26/11 1:46:48 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: ripoffreport
[8/26/11 1:47:02 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: blogs forums
[8/26/11 1:47:11 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: I was really hoping
[8/26/11 1:47:14 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: that it doesnt happen
[8/26/11 1:47:21 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: but once it goes to claims
[8/26/11 1:47:28 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: its outside our scope

[8/26/11 1:47:29 PM] Robert Olivier: OK. SO I GUES I could do the same

[8/26/11 1:47:33 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: then we cant do really
[8/26/11 1:47:35 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: the same

[8/26/11 1:47:36 PM] Robert Olivier: bring it on.

[8/26/11 1:47:38 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: feel free sir
[8/26/11 1:47:44 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: yes its coming
[8/26/11 1:47:50 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: watch this space

[8/26/11 1:47:58 PM] Robert Olivier: civilized people settle these issues

[8/26/11 1:48:04 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: 170 people we have

[8/26/11 1:48:12 PM] Robert Olivier: go ahead

[8/26/11 1:48:13 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: lets see how u compete with us
[8/26/11 1:48:17 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: we are
[8/26/11 1:48:22 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: wanted to just check

[8/26/11 1:48:25 PM] Robert Olivier: I don’t care… I have a case

[8/26/11 1:48:27 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: not seeking your permission
[8/26/11 1:48:31 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: just telling u

[8/26/11 1:48:32 PM] Robert Olivier: I have audit trails on the server

[8/26/11 1:48:37 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: lol
[8/26/11 1:48:43 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: stop joking with me
[8/26/11 1:48:49 PM] Abhinav Girdhar: i am doing this for 11 yrs

Profit By Search Ripoff Report


At this point (Sept 9, 2011), they have ONLY threatened to smear me. However, I feel that them threatening me is such a unprofessional way to conduct business and/or settle disputes, that it warrants a consumer complaint. Ironically, their threat of launching a FALSE smear campaign against me using ripoffreport, inspired me to be pro-active and file this VALID consumer complaint. What would you do, if a team of 170 SEO developers threatens to ruin your reputation. Wouldn’t you be pro-active.

And the Threats or multiple and documented.

On August 30, 2011 I received the following email from somebody claiming to represent ONS Interactive as a client.
Hello Robert,

What you did to my client was very unethical, What you did was put them in a very bad light to their potential clients because of which I will be commencing a two month smear campaign from Monday if you do not settle the matter with them asap,

I will be posting these on at least on 1000 blogs and forums and complaint websites ..
Following are some samples that I have written

1 of 10
Compost Mania = SCAM ! RIP OFF ! an unscrupulous Compost Mania swindled me of $ 40,000 in Composting & Gardening Services, Robert Olivier of PROTA CULTURE LLC, Compost Mania operates a series of websites namely www. compostmania. com and claims to Sell Composting Products , Their Latest Scam BioPod Plus is, I got a Call from one of Their president Robert Olivier Told Me the Benefits of BioPod Plus and Sold it to Me for $ 40,000 and told me next day delivery but I didn’t get it even after a month of over 100 calls when I still didnt hear back, I did some research and turned out he is scams artist i.e. Robert Olivier of PROTA CULTURE LLC, Compost Mania (www. compostmania. com) operates a series of such Businesses and conducts frauds to customers in USA & Dubai, then shuts the Downs Business and starts a Business with Other name. I have filed a law suit and police complaint against them with International Police in New York today and I will make sure I shut their fraud company so they can’t scam anyone else.

Profit By Search Scams

2 of 10
Thanks for alerting us on the fraudsters in the Composting & Gardening Business like, Robert Olivier | President , Managed to Get his company details and following is the Adress: PROTA CULTURE LLC, Compost Mania 4245 N CENTRAL EXPY, STE 590, DALLAS, TX 75205-4242,, Phone: 214-509-6000. I See He Runs an Syndicate of such sites www. compostmania. com and is created solely for the Purpose of duping Businesses and Individuals , Complete Fraud Scam and ripoff. STAY AWAY!!

3 of 10 and so on …

Keywords that I will be working on the business name smear campaign:
1. Robert Olivier Fraud
2. Robert Olivier Complaints
3. Robert Olivier Criminal
4. Robert Olivier Evil
8. COMPOST MANIA complaints

After this and a personal smear campaign name, this is WHERE IT gets Ugly …

Please Resolve as Once Above is done I can’t even clear this and I Have Been Doing this for living for 5 + yrs.

Kivoski Viktor


Just to clarify o few issues on their rebuttal:
1. None of the statements I have made on ripoffreport . com are defamatory and/or part of a smear campaign against them. I’m not even considering launching a smear campaign against them. I’m only being pro-active and putting the facts out there before they implement there threats. I have a valid consumer complaint based upon facts and if they seek to pay $2000 for an arbitration in this matter I welcome them to proceed. This is a valid complaint, and ANY business that threatens to ruin or actually ruins someonce reputation online is something to be very careful of. It’s defamatory and legally wrong.

2. Their company is based out of India and I must have filled out the form incorrectly. If you could correct this, that would be great.

3. I have no complaints about the work they have done for me till May 31, 2011. My complaint to them involved the work for JUNE AND JULY during which time my page rank of 5 was downgraded to a 3. I also started noticing large amount of spammed links from domains that now no longer exist. e.g. 594 links from a domain at jims-blog. com

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4. They are trying to spin around and say that I threatened them with negative reputation management. If you read the chat log that they are highlighting + Plus the emails I received from this Viktor guy. It clearly indicated who is threatening who. I can’t believe they are trying to argue that I threatened them. SO lets be clear. I received a threat from Abhinav Girdhar on August 26, 2011 and a subsequent threat to smear me by a person who identifies himself as Kivoski Viktor on August 30, 2011.

I would love for them to produce any evidence that I threatened them in rebuttal, arbitration or texas law suit.


robert Olivier
#3 UPDATE Employee
Robert Olivier of Compost Mania’s Complaint is artificially created & false
AUTHOR: Adv Saroha – (India)
SUBMITTED: Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dear Editor / Readers,

We have just discovered that Mr. Robert Olivier an ex client of Our Company is repeatedly posting artificially created, false, and defamatory remarks about our company as part of a smear campaign. This campaign is a highly coordinated effort created solely to harass us and to disrupt our business. This individual has posted complaint to your site i.e. ripoffreport . com and others stating that our Company is threatening with Negative Reputation Management Campaign .

Profit By Search Ripoff

He goes out of his way to name all entities owned by us over and over so that the post gets picked up in the search engines.

As India’s #1 New Media Company, we have never been even once accused of doing anything that will bring a bad name to our Esteemed Organization.

The Complaint is Maneuvering and is distorting the facts, the allegations made in the Complaint are false, frivolous and erroneous.

Now Let me shed some light to the Facts:

1. Our Company is Based out of India & Not United States of America as stated by Mr. Robert Olivier

2. We started working for Mr.Robert Olivier and his website www . compostmania . com in Dec and worked till mid august and had to stop as decided not to pay for our Invoices after June.

3. Now at this point Robert Olivier Owes us for 2 Months, we did send regular Invoices but he did not pay as he claimed that he was travelling and he assured that he would pay us in full as soon as he returns. In terms of SEO Work, Like all Agencies, In Months 1-3 we did most of the Onpage SEO work and after 3 Months we did mostly Offpage SEO Work i.e. Directory Submissions, Articles Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, 1 way links & Social Bookmarkings and also did some Onpage tweaks when need be. All this SEO work produced Awesome results, Following is a Small Summary: Between February 1, 2010 – May 31, 2010: Traffic= 1,755 Users & During February 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011: 12,529 Users this translates into 614% Increase in Traffic (Report of the Same has been

4. My Colleague’s from Sales & Accounts were regularly following up with Mr. Robert Olivier for Invoice Payments and sent him multiple reminders in June- August period but as he did not offer to pay and each time came up with a new excuse. Its then I was asked by the management to follow up with him and when I confronted him on skype chat and told him that if he does not pay us for the pending 2 Months then in that case we have no option but to remove all the offpage work that we did on his website for last 2 Months. As soon as I said that, then he replied by saying that he is now pissed and if we remove the links then he will submit fictitious complains about our company, where he will falsely implicate us for running a Negative Reputation Campaign against his company and that’s what he did!!.

5. We were totally shocked by the allegations that Mr. Robert Olivier made against us specially that above email was sent by us, I would like to totally reject these baseless allegations and would like to highlight the fact that sender of the email is not your employee, agent or representative.

As we have all the Chat Logs, Emails & Documents to prove that we are falsely Implicated therefore we have decided to envoke the Arbitration Program of ROR to clear our Name.

Apart from above action We are filing a slander & defamation lawsuit against Robert Olivier & Compost Mania in a Texas state court against Robert Olivier and he will soon hear from our Attorney.

I will keep the readers posted of all the future developments.

Thanks & Regards,

Advocate Saroha

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